Nordic Fintech


NordicFintech is your leading source of information on fintech in the Nordic region.


As fintech is becoming a hot topic with venture investments tripling from 2008 through 2013.and in 2014 $102 billion in financial activity was observed across a variety of investment types. Norway is also starting to see a thriving fintech community emerging. Learn more at Fintech Norway.


With companies like Klarna, iZettle, Trustly and Behaviosec, Sweden has managed to establish a solid footprint in the nordic fintech scene. The capital, Stockholm has been already been named on of the European fintech hotspots, and the activity shows no sign of declining. After several large investment rounds from both regional and European investors as well as Klarnas planned expansion to the US, the Swedish fintech scene is on its way to greatness. Learn more at Fintech Sweden.


Denmark has established  Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research (CFIR), a business cluster for fintech which states that Denmark aims to establish a specialized fintech cluster based on a combination of research, industry collaboration and depth knowledge of digitalization and efficient processes. Although Denmark has focus on its home marked the amount of fintech companies is rapidly growing. Learn more at Fintech Denmark.


Stay tuned, work in progress. Please contact me if you want to contribute.

Please let me know if there are other companies that should be on this list, or if you want to contribute.


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